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Choose quality settings for the image

Compress very little to enable the masked area to appear as high quality. Compress the rest of the image more to reduce overall file size.

1 In the Optimize panel, choose JPEG - Smaller File from the Settings pop-up menu, and click the Selective Quality button. If the Optimize panel is not open, choose Window > Optimize to open it.

2 In the Selective JPEG Settings dialog box, select the Enable Selective Quality option and enter a compression value of 95 in the text box.
This indicates that the area of the JPEG mask is less compressed to preserve higher resolution quality during export.

3 Click OK.
4 Click the Preview, 2-up, or 4-up tab at the top of the document window to see how the image will look upon export.
5 Select any of the previews except the original preview.
6 In the Optimize panel, enter 60 in the Quality text box. The lower the value, the more the image is compressed.
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