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Server Management ActionScript Dictionary

Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX includes a set of advanced methods, called the Server Management ActionScript application programming interface (API), that let you extend the Administration Console or make your own administration and monitoring tools by creating Flash applications. The Server Management ActionScript Dictionary provides information on getting started with the APIs and describes the methods you can use to administer and monitor Flash Communication Server.

Because this topic is too long to read easily in a browser, it is available as a downloadable PDF file in the following formats.

Download the Windows Server Management ActionScript Dictionary PDF (352K)
Download the Macintosh Server Management ActionScript Dictionary PDF (328K)

When the file decompresses, a PDF named flashcom_management_asd.pdf is created on your system.

If you have trouble downloading or decompressing the files, see TechNote 13686.

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Last Updated: 28 June 2002

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