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15225   Creating Chart Legends with Generator 2
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New Generator FAQ
Macromedia will be delivering a new set of solutions to make rich client application development with Flash more flexible and powerful. As we move towards this vision, later this year we will transition from Generator to this new product architecture and will provide a path for existing Generator customers. In moving to this new generation of server products, we will be ceasing further feature development on Generator. The new Generator FAQ explains more about how these changes will affect you.

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Share techniques in the Generator Online Forum. This forum gives Generator developers of all skill levels the chance to interact with each other and with members of Team Macromedia.

What's New
Generator 2.6 Now Available
Generator 2.6 Enterprise Edition and Developer Edition are now available. To download the release, you will need a valid Generator 2 Enterprise or Developer Edition serial number. Click to find out the bugs that have been fixed, to get the release notes, and to download the maintenance release.

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Last Updated: 23 July 2003

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