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Upgrading to Macromedia JRun 4

Upgrading to Macromedia JRun 4 lets you take advantage of the many additions to JRun, including the new features and full capabilities of the most recent Sun J2EE 1.3 platform specifications.

This article provides information that helps you upgrade from using JRun 3.x to JRun 4. It describes using the JRun 4 migration tool and outlines the differences between previous versions of JRun and JRun 4.

Migrating from JRun 3.x
Property migration chart
Notable changes in JRun 4
Frequently Asked Questions

Rosemary Marano

Rosemary Marano is a Senior Technical Writer in the Instructional Media Development group of Macromedia. Rosemary has been with Macromedia for two years, coming from a previous career as a Molecular Biologist. Non-technical pursuits include running, dancing, and reading.

12 May 2002

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