Accelio Capture
FormFlow Designer 3.1.5

Patch 3.1.5150.2002

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July 2002

Copyright Adobe Systems Incorporated 2002. All rights reserved.

As of April 12, 2002, Accelio Corporation (formerly JetForm Corporation) was purchased by Adobe Systems Incorporated. As of that date, any reference to JetForm or Accelio shall be deemed to refer to Adobe Systems Incorporated.


Issue Addressed in This Patch

Installing the Patch 

Writing Scripts to the Spelling Checker

Issues Addressed in This Patch

This patch addresses several issues. Some of these issues have also been addressed in previous patches.

These updates are included in the patch:

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Installing the Patch

This patch must be installed with Form Designer, Filler, the End-User Components, and the Server Components.

To install the patch, run the file P_3.1.5150.2002.exe.

If you are updating Form Designer, Filler, or the End-User Components, select the DLL file option.

If you are updating the Server Components, select the CAB file option.

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Writing Scripts to the Spelling Checker

The run-time Spelling Checker verifies and corrects the spelling of text fields filled by end users. End users can access the Spelling Checker from the Filler toolbar or from the Context Menu to spell check the entire form. This update now also allows you to call the SpellCheck method to check all or a portion of the form.

To activate the Spelling Checker using a script, use the new ScriptableAddins property of the form control to expose the Spelling Checker and the Spelling Checker's SpellCheck method to activate the check.

ScriptableAddins property

This is a property of the IForm6 interface of the form control.




This property returns a collection object of all add-ins that are available for scripting. The Spelling Checker is the only available scriptable add-in. The Spelling Checker is identified by the value of its Item property, "Spelling Checker".

Use this property to write script to instruct the Spelling Checker to call its SpellCheck method to check specific objects on the form.

SpellCheck method


This is a method of the Spelling Checker add-in. This method opens the Spelling Checker and checks the spelling for a specified object or group.

If the form is embedded within another form, the Spell Checker's frame of reference is always the top-level form. When specifying an object or group such as "Page1", the Spelling Checker processes this as Page1 of the top-level form, even if called from within an embedded form. To access fields on an embedded form requires the inner form to be identified, such as "Page2.FFForm1.Page1".


SpellCheck vObject, bSilent


vObject Specifies the field object or text description of the field's location within the form hierarchy. Text descriptions must be surrounded by quotation marks.

For forms that may be both filled on their own or embedded in another form, use objects rather than text as the parameter and rely on the component map or subforms collection to locate objects. For example, the following script will work regardless of whether the form is embedded:

Set Page = Form.ComponentMap.Find("Page1")
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck Page

The "Form." portion refers to the current context. When given an object, the Spell Checker does not have to parse the text to find a starting object.

bSilent Setting this property to True suppresses the display of the dialog box that informs the user that the spelling check is complete. If your script checks more than one object at the same time, you may want to set this property to True until all of the fields have been checked. For example, the following script checks two fields but does not display the dialog box until the second field is checked.

Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck "Page1.FFField1[1]", True
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck "Page1.FFField1[2]"

The default is False.

Return Value



‘Spell check all fields on Page 2 regardless of whether this form is embedded or not (VBScript)
Set Page = Form.ComponentMap.Find "Page2", 1
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck Page

‘Spell check second occurrence of memo field on page 1 (VBScript)
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck "Page1.memo[2]"

‘OnInitialize: enable this button only if the spell checker is loaded (VBScript)
bLoaded = False
For Each Addin in Form.ScriptableAddins
  If Addin.Name = "Spelling Checker" Then
    bLoaded = True
  End If
Me.Enabled = bLoaded

‘OnClick: spell check the embedded form on page 2 (VBScript)
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck "Page2.FFForm1"

‘Spell check entire form but limited to this form if embedded (VBScript)
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck Form

‘Spell check entire form including outer form when embedded (VBScript)
Form.ScriptableAddins("Spelling Checker").SpellCheck ""

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Readme File
Accelio Capture FormFlow Designer patch 3.1.5150.2002
July 2002

23 Jul 2002 03:21:47 PM