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Made with Macromedia Licensing Programs

Made with Macromedia and Shockwave Player Licensing Programs
Macromedia's royalty-free licensing policy means that you can distribute applications created with Macromedia Director or Authorware to millions of Windows and Macintosh platforms. Free. Simply include the Made with Macromedia logo on your product's packaging or splash or credits screen, and register your product with Macromedia to qualify.

*Note: The Made With Macromedia program does not apply to Director MX 2004. Please refer to the product's End-User License Agreement (EULA) for more details.

These are the steps to take before distributing a product on CD created with Macromedia Director or Authorware:

step one Create an application in Macromedia Director or Authorware and distribute it for free. step three Complete and return the Macromedia Run-time Distribution Agreement no later than 30 days after ship.
step two Display the Made with Macromedia logo on your product's packaging or splash or credits screen.    

Made with Macromedia Information
Download the Run-time Distribution Agreement and Made with Macromedia logos now or find them in the Made with Macromedia folder on the Macromedia Authorware or Director CD.

Made with Macromedia Usage Guidelines

Made with Macromedia Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Artwork

Made with Macromedia

If you're publishing Web-based applications, here are the steps to follow:
step one Create a Shockwave movie in Director, Macromedia Flash, or Authorware and download the Shockwave Player from for FREE. step three To distribute the Shockwave Player yourself, you must license it from Macromedia. Find out about full licensing information.
step two Display the Shockwave Player logo on your site for users to link and download the Shockwave Player.

Shockwave Player Information
Shockwave Player Buttons & Usage Guidelines