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Made with Macromedia Licensing Programs
Made with Macromedia Logo Usage Guidelines

This guide is meant to give a quick overview of the Made with Macromedia Logo Usage Guidelines. It is not, however, a replacement for the actual agreement document

  1. The Made with Macromedia (MWM) trademark can only be used by licensed parties.
  2. The trademark must never be altered and must be reproduced from the supplied digital file.
  3. The trademark may not be used in connection with the display, advertising or promotion of products that do not contain Macromedia run-times.
  4. Licensees must identify the logo as a trademark of Macromedia, Inc. in the following format: "Made with Macromedia is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc."
Location Guidelines

Packaging (print)
Display the Made with Macromedia logo on the outermost front, back or sides of the package. It may not be placed on the top or bottom of the product. For product delivered on CD-ROM, the logo must be visible on the outside of the CD jewel case, either on the front insert or the back tray liner. For product delivered on fixed media, the seal must appear on the media case or media label. Use the logo artwork designated for Print.

Software (splash or credits screen)
Display the Made with Macromedia logo on the splash screen, credits screen, or similar location within the software product for a minimum of four seconds. Use the logo artwork designated for Screen.

Background Usage
The logo may be placed on a screened background as long as the logo is clearly visible. The logo may NOT be reversed to white. Use the black & white version supplied.

Size Guidelines

Packaging (print)
The minimum height of the Made with Macromedia logo is 1/2 inch, or no smaller than other, similar logos on the package.

Software (screen)
The logo artwork designated for screen use must maintain its original size of 196 pixels wide by 174 pixels tall, as supplied in the digital file.