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RoboHelp 2002 R2 Update

Why should I download the RoboHelp update? (for RoboHelp 2002 only)

You should download the RoboHelp update if you want to place Macromedia Flash 6.0 files (.SWF) into RoboHelp Classic or RoboHelp HTML Help systems.

For RoboHelp Classic, the update enables you to successfully add Flash 6.0 movies to RoboHelp Classic projects.

For RoboHelp HTML, the update solves a known Macromedia Flash version 6.0 bug that does not allow .SWF files to display properly in compiled HTML Help files (.CHM files). This is a bug that Macromedia is resolving. Until the .CHM problem is fixed, the RoboHelp update allows you to successfully display .SWF files in compiled HTML Help files. When you generate your project, you select the option to enable Flash 6.0 support. This option pulls the .SWF out of the .CHM file, but retains the relationship between the two so that the Flash movie displays seamlessly to your end users in the HTML Help viewer. Your output folder will contain your .CHM file and any .SWF files you placed in your project. Distribute your .CHM file and the .SWF(s) to end users.

Tip: If you are creating a .CHM file and select the option to enable Flash 6.0 support, create a separate folder for your output files. In the "Select Output Folder and File Name" text box, browse to the new folder and select it so that your generated files are placed there. Your new, separate folder will contain only the .CHM file and corresponding .SWF files. These are the files you should distribute to your end users.

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