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RoboHelp 2000 Service Release 2

Service Release 2 specifically addresses the following issues:

RoboHelp Office Tools

  1. Resolves the issue in WinHelp Inspector that caused the wrong date to appear.

RoboHelp Classic

  1. Adds support for Microsoft Windows 2000.
  2. Resolves the issue where double-clicking on an HTML topic from the TOC in WinHelp 2000 caused the help system to close.
  3. Resolves the issue caused by Windows 2000 where the default topic is not displayed in the project view when the user creates a new project.
  4. Resolves an issue with WinHelp 2000 that caused the search tab to appear blank when running on Windows 2000.
  5. Resolves the issue with dashes and smart quotes appearing as a solid bar ("|") in WinHelp.
  6. Eliminates the "Unable to launch pbrush.exe" error message when editing an image from the Project View of RoboHelp Classic on Windows 2000.
  7. Resolves the issue that caused external .cnt files to not display in a WinHelp 2000 system when the user specified the "Include Help File Name With Pages" option in Project Settings
  8. Resolves the issue that caused colored bullets and numbers to appear black in the compiled .hlp file when used with the automatic bullet and numbering feature of Word.
  9. Resolves an issue that caused HTML links to secure servers (https) to return an error when clicked.
    Allows for full localization of WinHelp 2000's search and index tabs as well as the RoboHelp WinHelp 2000 menu items (menu items controlled by WinHelp are not localized by RoboHelp).
  10. Resolves the issue that caused the WinHelp 2000 view to not display when the help file is run from a read-only folder in Windows 2000.
  11. Corrects a minor windows refreshing issue when jumping from a secondary window to a main window in WinHelp 2000.

RoboHelp HTML

  1. Adds support for Microsoft Windows 2000.
  2. Resolves the issue opening HHP files with full paths to map files.
  3. Resolves issues when adding expanding text/hotspots to version 6/7 projects.
  4. Resolves the issue with MDBMS.DLL when importing certain framesets.
  5. Launches JavaHelp system without starting Dos box.
  6. Resolves issues when importing files with read-only style sheets.
  7. Resolves the issue where RoboHelp cannot locate Winword.exe when importing Word97 documents.
  8. Addresses numerous issues with special and foreign characters.
  9. Resolves the issue where starting .chm file causes Windows to activate user’s dial-up networking connection.

NOTE: This Service Release has been incorporated into Service Release 3.


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