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RoboHelp 2002 R2 Update

NOTE: This Service Release is only for RoboHelp 9.2 and RoboHelp Enterprise 1.0 users.  Please be sure you have one of these products installed prior to installing this Service Release.

Only download this Service Release if you are generating HTML Help and have merged chm files.

How do I know RoboHelp 9.2 is installed?

  1. Open either RoboHelp Classic or RoboHelp HTML
  2. Choose HELP | "About RoboHelp" from the drop down menu
  3. The build will be 566

Service Release 1 Specifically addresses the following issue

Merged chm files missing from compiled project.

NOTE: You will need to delete any merged CHM's (TOC and Project Settings) and then add them in again once you install the service release.

How do I know RoboHelp 9.2 Service Release 1 is installed?

These are the file names and location of DLL's before and after the patch.
Path File Name Date Version
RoboHTML/ PolarisTargetIdentity.dll 6/14/01 9.20.566
RoboHTML/identity/ RoboHelpForHtmlHelp.dll 6/13/01 1,0,0,1
Path File Name Date Version
RoboHTML/ PolarisTargetIdentity.dll 7/19/01 9.20.569
RoboHTML/identity/ RoboHelpForHtmlHelp.dll 7/19/01 9.20.569

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