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All samples provided by Steve Rossell in Technical Support unless otherwise specified.

DownloadOracle Help Example (ZIP, 5.29 MB)

Need some help on how to call Oracle Help from your Java Application? Then this download is for you! This example shows you what you need to know to connect these two components together. Once unzipped, run the OHelpExample.bat file to get started.

DownloadJava Help Example (ZIP, 2.9 MB)

This is a Java application that calls Java Help using the Java Help API calls. it demonstrates calling topics by F1 and Java Help's What's This '?' help. This example was written with Sun Microsystems Java 2 Software Developers Kit 1.3 and thus requires that the Java Run Time Environment 1.3.x or higher be installed to run this application. If your system does not already have the Java Run Time Environment 1.3.x or higher installed you will need to download this from

The Example is contained in one file, download and unzip this file.  Open the ReadMe.txt file that was unzipped from the for instructions on running the application.

Java Developers Kit

The Java TM 2 SDK includes the Java virtual machine, the Java Runtime Environment, the Java platform core classes, and supporting files. The Java2 SDK is required to produce JAR files containing JavaHelp helpsets.


JavaHelpTM 1.1 software is a full-featured, platform-independent, extensible help system that enables developers and authors to incorporate online help in applets, components, applications, operating systems, and devices.

NOTE:  There has been some confusion on the differences between JDK and SDK.  Sun changed the name of this component between the release of 1.2 and 1.3.  The most current versions carry the name SDK.

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