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WinHelp Sample Projects

All samples provided by Steve Rossell in Technical Support unless otherwise specified.

Context Sensitive Help

DownloadMS Access WinHelp (ZIP, 75K)

This is a sample Access Database that calls WinHelp4. It demonstrates how access forms are programmed to call WinHelp and how to insert topic map numbers in to the controls properties during design times.

DownloadC++ Builder WinHelp Example (ZIP, 1.67 MB)

This example shows how to display a WinHelp 4 Help Topics Dialog box with any tab active. This example shows this in Borland HelpCommand formats and in WinHelp API formats.  The most common API calls have incorporated along with What's This Help Examples. You can click the buttons for to activate help or press F1 or on the What's This Example dialog box use the ? or F1. Hints are also built in this project.

DownloadDelphi WinHelp Example (ZIP, 585K)

This sample download shows how to connect your WinHelp file to a Delphi application by either using the standard WinHelp API calls or commands built into Delphi.

DownloadPowerBuilder WinHelp Example (ZIP, 1.57 MB)

This is a PowerBuilder 7.0 example showing how to implement the built in PowerBuilder ShowHelp functions. The PowerBuilder ShowHelp functions are very limited so this example also shows how to build in and implement the Microsoft WinHelp API calls into a PowerBuilder Application.

Miscellaneous Examples

DownloadPWord (ZIP, 488K)

This Example will show you how to password protect a WinHelp 4 Help Jump. Check out Knowledgebase article #99899 for instructions on how this was done.

DownloadC++ What's This Help Composer Example (ZIP, 523K)

This is a small VC++ application that calls HTML Help using What's This? Help. It is done by using the CSH.dll in the VC++ application.

DownloadIf-Then-Else Example (ZIP, 10K)

This download shows how to use the "If-Then-Else" Macro.

DownloadLink Examples (ZIP, 14K)

This download shows examples on the type of links you can create in a project.

DownloadMark Macros (ZIP, 8K)

This download gives examples on how to use many of the common WinHelp macros.

DownloadPrinting An External Docfile Example (ZIP, 13K)

This download shows you how to print an external document file.

DownloadPrinting With WinHelp 2000 (ZIP, 12K)

This download shows how to print multiple topics from the TOC in a WinHelp 2000 project.

DownloadShort Cut Sample (ZIP, 12K)

This download shows shortcut examples on how to call help.

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