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Introduction to downloading files in Mac OS

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Downloading a file

Opening .sea and .txt files

Opening PDF files

Opening .bin, .sit, .sit.hqx, and .sea.hqx files

This document provides general instructions for downloading and handling Macintosh files from an Adobe online service (the Adobe website and FTP site). This document is intended for Adobe customers using Macintosh computers who are new to downloading files.

Disclaimer: While this document describes how to use third-party utilities after downloading files, the mention of a third-party vendor or product does not guarantee its compatibility with Adobe products, or constitute an endorsement of any kind by Adobe. The mention of a third-party product does not necessarily mean that it is the only product you can use. If you need assistance with any third-party product, contact that product's manufacturer. Adobe cannot assist you with the use of any third-party software. The contact information in this document is current to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Downloading a file

Because there are hundreds of different software and hardware configurations, we cannot provide specific downloading instructions for your system. If you're unsure how to download a file with your software or hardware, consult the user guide or the manufacturer. Adobe cannot assist you with installing, configuring, or using third-party software or hardware.

If you h ave problems downloading Adobe Reader, see document 328433 , "Troubleshoot Adobe Reader download problems (6.0-7.0 on Mac OS)" for detailed troubleshooting information.

The Macintosh files in the Adobe file library are provided in several formats that are widely used in the Macintosh community for online file distribution. Use the information in the following sections to determine how to open a file after downloading.

Opening .sea and .txt files

To open a .sea or .txt file, double-click it.

Opening PDF files

To view an Adobe PDF file, open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader enables you to view, navigate, and print PDF files on several platforms. You can get Adobe Reader free from all Adobe online services. For more information about Adobe Reader, see document 315823 , "Introduction to Adobe Reader 6.0," or document 330983 , "Introduction to Adobe Reader 7.0."

Acrobat includes additional features that enable you to create and enhance PDF files (for example, add sound and video, insert or delete pages). Acrobat is not available free of charge. For pricing and availability inside the United States and Canada, call Adobe Customer Services at (800) 833-6687 . Outside the United States and Canada, contact your local Adobe reseller or distributor.

See the Adobe website at for more information about the Adobe Acrobat product line.

Opening .bin, .sit, .sit.hqx, and .sea.hqx files

After downloading a .bin, .sit, .sit.hqx, or .sea.hqx file, you can use StuffIt Expander or another utility to access the file's contents. StuffIt Expander is a free utility for accessing the contents of .bin, .sit, .sit.hqx, and .sea.hqx files. For more information about StuffIt Expander, visit the Allume Systems website at .

You can find StuffIt Expander online at the locations below. These locations are subject to change.





Local Bulletin Board Systems

Many local Macintosh-based bulletin board systems (BBS) provide StuffIt Expander. If you can connect to a local BBS, check its file library for file utilities. Because each BBS is different, the location of these utilities will vary.

Some older Web browsers and FTP utilities may be unable to download StuffIt Expander. You may be able to download from a Web or FTP site if you upgrade to the latest version of your Web browser (e.g., Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later). Otherwise, you must download StuffIt Expander from America Online or a local BBS.

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