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Introduction to downloading files from the Adobe website

The Adobe web site provides information about Adobe products and services, provides files from the Adobe file library, gives you quick access to online support documentation, enables you to register your Adobe products online, and lets you send feedback to Adobe. The Adobe website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide. This document describes how to download files from the Adobe file library on the Adobe website.

The Adobe file library includes plug-ins, patches, updaters, filters, and other files related to Adobe products. For example, Adobe may distribute an update for your Adobe product to correct a problem found after your product was released. Or, a plug-in or filter that adds functionality to a product may be distributed after that product is released. You can access the Adobe website to download files like these and use them immediately, rather than waiting for the software to arrive in the mail on a diskette or CD-ROM. Additionally, some files are available only online, due to timeliness, target audience, complexity, or the cost of media (for example, diskette or CD-ROM).

To use the Adobe website, you must have an Internet connection and a web browser. Neither of these are available from Adobe.

If you want to connect from a large business or educational institution, contact your network administrator, helpdesk resource, or computer services department for assistance.

If you want to connect from your home or from a small business, sign a service agreement with an Internet service provider (ISP). See computer magazines at your local newsstand for ISP advertisements, or check your local business directory (for example, the Yellow Pages) under the section called "Internet" for listings of ISPs. After you've signed up, ask your ISP how you can obtain web browser software. (This software is not available from Adobe, but it is usually provided by your ISP.)

Accessing the Adobe File Library from the Adobe website

The Adobe website provides the easiest way to access the Adobe file library.

To download files from the Adobe file library:

1. Go to , and click the Other Downloads link.

2. Click the appropriate platform link for the Adobe product for which you want to download a file. For example, if you own PhotoDeluxe for Mac OS, find the PhotoDeluxe heading, then click the Macintosh link that appears next to it. A list of files available to download appears.

3. Click the title of the file you want to download to view a complete description of the file.

4. Click the Download button. Most web browsers will prompt you for a location to save the file. Choose a convenient location, such as your desktop. When saving the file, take note of the default filename so that you can locate the file after downloading it. After being downloading, most web browsers will provide a progress indicator to let you know how long the download will take.

5. When the file has finished downloading, locate the file and double-click it to open or install it.

Notes about the File Library and connecting to it

Adobe does not support third-party software, including, but not limited to, web browser software. Contact the manufacturer of your web browser for assistance with it.

Some files in the Adobe file library use industry-standard third-party software to compress files for shorter download times. You may need to use similar software to open your downloaded file. For information about opening compressed files, see document 313394 , "Introduction to Downloading Files in Mac OS" or document 314490 , " Introduction to Downloading Files in Windows ."

Not all Adobe products have plug-ins, patches, updates, or filters available. Adobe is not obligated to provide downloadable files for all Adobe products.

If you purchased your Adobe application after May 1999, it may include features that enable it to automatically download and install plug-ins, updates, and other components. When your Adobe application includes these automatic download features and you enable them, the manual process of downloading described above is not necessary. If the index of the user guide for your Adobe product includes "Adobe Online," follow that page reference to determine how to use these automatic download features. Note, however, that this functionality is not yet included in all Adobe applications. Automatic downloading requires an Internet connection (which is not provided by Adobe).

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