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Internet Explorer asks for your user ID when you download files (Mac OS)

Issue When you try to download a file from the Adobe web or FTP site, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 for Mac OS displays a dialog box asking for the following information:

Connect to "" as

User ID



[ ] Remember Password

If you click Cancel or OK, Internet Explorer displays the message "Error: Access permission is denied." It may also display the message, "Error: A connection failure has occurred."


Do either or both of the following:

Solution 1

Download the file using a different web browser (e.g., Netscape Navigator) or an FTP application (e.g., Dartmouth Fetch).

Solution 2

Download the file when there is less activity on the Internet (e.g., late in the evening, early in the morning, on weekends).

Additional Information

Internet Explorer may display the dialog box described above when it tries to connect to a web or FTP site that is busier than normal. Although the dialog box prompts for a user ID, password, and account number, there aren't actually values to enter that will let you access the web or FTP site.

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Last edited - 12/20/2004


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