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Alert "Server returned extended information" or "FTP Error 530" when you download files from the Adobe FTP site


When you try to download from the Adobe website or FTP site, you receive one or more of the following messages:

-- "The server returned extended information"

-- "FTP Error 530"

-- "User anonymous access denied"

-- "Too many anonymous users"


Do one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Download files from another FTP site. When downloading the file, specify the Japanese mirror of the Adobe FTP site at . For example, if the file you want is at:

specify the following location instead:

Solution 2: Download files at a different time. Download when there is less activity on the Internet (for example, late in the evening, early in the morning, on weekends).

If you encounter an error message or problem not mentioned above, see 312215 , "Troubleshoot problems that occur when you download files from Adobe Online Services".

Background information

Because downloading files involves many variables, you may encounter a variety of problems when attempting to download files from the Adobe website or FTP site. You may receive an error message when there are too many people trying to download or when there is a problem with one or more of the Adobe FTP servers.

Adobe constantly monitors the amount of customers downloading and is working to resolve problems when they occur.

When you download from, your file request is sent to one of eight FTP servers, each of which can handle 500 user requests at a time. If all eight servers are already processing the maximum number of requests, you'll receive an error. By specifying the Japanese mirror of the Adobe FTP site, you may be able to reach a server that is less busy.

In most web browsers, you can determine the location of the file you want by positioning your cursor over the file's download link. The file's location will appear at the bottom of the web browser window. To copy the location of the file to the clipboard, hold down the mouse button (Mac OS) or right-click (Windows and UNIX) on the download link, then choose the appropriate command from the pop-up menu that appears (for example, Copy Link Location to Clipboard). You can then paste the location into the address bar using your application's Paste command and change the address so it indicates a specific FTP server as described above.

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