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How to report a download problem

If you have trouble downloading from the Adobe website and are unable to resolve the problem using the information on the Adobe website at , report the problem to Adobe via one of the following methods, making sure to provide the information needed to help solve the problem.

Reporting a download problem

To report a download problem:

-- submit one of the available forms off the Adobe website at

-- click the Help Form link on the Download Help site at

Providing helpful information

When reporting a downloading problem, we can assist you better if you provide the following details:

-- The web browser and version

-- The operating system and version

-- Any error messages, stated exactly as they appear

-- The downloaded filename

-- A description of all relevant events and their results. It is very helpful to include the accessed web addresses (URLs).

Note: Adobe does not directly support third-party software, including, but not limited to, web browsers and FTP client applications.

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