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Viewing and Printing Asian Fonts in PDF Files Using Roman Acrobat Viewers

Adobe Acrobat products 4.0 and later for roman (Western) systems can display and print PDF files that contain characters from double-byte Asian fonts: Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. A double-byte font requires two bytes to represent each character, or glyph, instead of one byte for each character as with roman fonts. This document provides an overview of how to use roman versions of Acrobat products with PDF files that contain Asian fonts.

Enhanced Support in Acrobat 5.0

With the release of Acrobat 5.0, Asian font support includes the following enhancements:

-- Acrobat Distiller can directly access the information it requires from installed TrueType fonts; it no longer requires the information to be present in the PostScript file. As a result, both TrueType and PostScript font embedding can be controlled in the same way.

-- On Mac OS, TrueType fonts can be embedded.

-- Acrobat 5.0 supports new and larger character sets, as described in the following Technical Notes, available on Adobe's Web site at :

- "Adobe-Japan1-4 Character Collection for CID-Keyed Fonts" (Technical Note 5078): Includes Supplement 4 for professional and commercial printing needs

- "Adobe-GB1-4 Character Collection for CID-Keyed Fonts" (Technical Note 5079): Applies to the Chinese character set standard GB18030-2000

- "Adobe-CNS1-3 Character Collection for CID-Keyed Fonts" (Technical Note 5080): Applies to the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set

-- Acrobat 5.0 supports OpenType fonts.

Enabling Acrobat Products to Display Asian Fonts

By default, Acrobat products can display Asian fonts that are embedded in a PDF file--you don't have to do anything to enable this feature. If Asian fonts are not embedded, the Acrobat product can display them after you install the appropriate font support package.

To install the appropriate font support package:

-- For Acrobat, install the Asian Language Support package from the Acrobat CD-ROM:

1. Insert the Acrobat CD.

2. Start the Acrobat installer.

3. Click Next in the Adobe Acrobat Setup dialog box.

4. Select your country in the Select Country dialog box and then click Next.

5. Click Accept to accept the license agreement.

6. Select Custom in the Adobe Acrobat 4.x and 5.0 Setup dialog box, and then click Next.

7. Select Asian Language Support (Windows) or Asian Language Files (Mac OS), deselect all of the other options, and then click Next.

8. Follow the on-screen instructions.

-- For Acrobat Reader, download and install the appropriate font pack:

- Font packs for Acrobat Reader for Mac OS are on the Adobe website at .

- Font packs for Acrobat Reader for Windows are on the Adobe website at .

Note that Acrobat products for roman systems have the following limitations when displaying PDF files that contain Asian fonts:

-- Catalog, search, and paper capture work only for Roman text.

-- The Find function works with Asian text, but with limits to how much Asian text you can enter into the Find What field of the Find dialog box.

-- Kanji bookmarks don't appear in Acrobat products on roman versions of Windows Me, 98, and 95 because these systems don't offer native support for Asian fonts. If you use Windows Me, 98, or 95, install the language pack from the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows CD-ROM.

Printing PDF Files Containing Asian Fonts Whether Acrobat products can print PDF files containing Asian fonts depends on what type of printer you're using (PostScript or non-PostScript) and whether the fonts are embedded.

Printing to PostScript Printers

If you're printing a PDF file with embedded Asian fonts to a PostScript LanguageLevel 2 or 3 printer, an Acrobat product can print the file without any extra steps. If you're printing a PDF file without embedded Asian fonts, or if you're printing to a PostScript LanguageLevel 1 printer, you can either print to a printer on which Asian language fonts are installed, or you can select one of the following options in the Print dialog box:

-- Print As Image: This option sends a bitmap of the file to the printer and works for all PostScript LanguageLevel printers.

-- Download Asian Fonts: This option downloads substitution outlines of the Asian fonts to the printer and works only for PostScript LanguageLevel 1 and 2 printers.

Printing to Non-PostScript Printers

Acrobat products can print a PDF file that contains Asian fonts to a non-PostScript printer (for example, PCL or QuickDraw) without any extra steps. The reason is because of how operating systems and Acrobat products handle non-PostScript printing: They send an image to the printer that is a duplicate of what appears on-screen. If an Acrobat product can display Asian fonts in a PDF file on-screen, the fonts will print to a non-PostScript printer.

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