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Wrong Orientation in PDF Created from Image-Only Word Document in Windows NT


After you create a PDF file from a landscape Microsoft Word 97 document in Windows NT, the PDF file is in the wrong orientation -- portrait instead of landscape.


The Word document contains only images and no text.

You're using the Adobe PostScript (AdobePS) 5.1 printer driver.


Do one of the following:

Solution 1

Add text (at least one character) to the Word document. If you don't want any text visible in the document, you can make the text transparent by applying the color of the document background to it. You can also use a very small point size to make the text less visible.

Solution 2

Update to AdobePS 5.1.1. You can download AdobePS 5.1.1 from the Adobe website at .

Solution 3

Open the PDF file in Acrobat 4.0 (not Acrobat Reader 4.0) and then rotate the pages by using the Rotate Pages command.

Additional Information

When creating a PostScript file from a landscape Word document that contains only images, AdobePS 5.1 includes orientation information that Acrobat Distiller cannot read. Acrobat Distiller then creates a PDF file in the wrong orientation.

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