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Setting up AdobePS to create PDF files from FrameMaker (6.0 on Windows)

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Determining which version to use

Downloading AdobePS

Installing AdobePS

The Adobe PostScript printer driver (AdobePS) allows you to create PostScript files from Adobe FrameMaker. You can open these PostScript files in Adobe Acrobat Distiller to create PDF files. (You can also use the Save As command in FrameMaker to create PDF files, but results are less reliable.) This document explains how to determine which version of AdobePS you should use in Windows, and how to download and install AdobePS.

Determining which version to use

Before downloading AdobePS, you need to determine which version of it works best with your versions of Windows and Acrobat Distiller. The following tables list the version of AdobePS recommended by Adobe Technical Support. Using another version may cause unexpected results such as missing text characters. (Note that later versions of AdobePS are included together in one installer file, the Universal Installer.)

Acrobat Distiller 5.0

PostScript Printer Driver
Windows XP, 2000, or Me
PSCRIPT 5.00.2195.1029 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)
Windows 95 or 98
(without ATM installed, or with ATM 4.0 or ATM 4.1 installed)
AdobePS 4.3.1
Windows 95 or 98
(with ATM 4.1.1 installed)
AdobePS 4.4.1 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)
Windows NT 4.0
AdobePS 5.1.2 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)

Acrobat Distiller 4.05a

PostScript Printer Driver
Windows XP, 2000

or Me
PSCRIPT 5 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)
Windows Me, 98, or 95
AdobePS 4.5.1 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)

Before installing this driver, make sure that the latest version of ATM 4.1 is installed. You can download the latest version from the Adobe website at
. The version of ATM 4.1 included with FrameMaker is an earlier version (build 232 dated April 3, 2000).
Windows NT 4.0
AdobePS 5.2 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)

Acrobat Distiller 3.02

PostScript Printer Driver
Windows Me, 98, or 95
AdobePS 4.2.6
Windows NT 4.0
AdobePS 5.2 (Universal Installer 1.0.5)

Downloading AdobePS

You can download AdobePS from the Adobe website:

1. In a Web browser, connect to the Adobe website at .

2. Find Printer Drivers in the Products list, and click Windows.

3. Click the recommended version of AdobePS in the desired language. If the version recommended above is not listed, follow the procedure below to download it from the Adobe FTP site.

4. Click Download:

-- In Microsoft Internet Explorer, select Save This Program to Disk, click OK, specify a location (such as the desktop), and click Save.

-- In Netscape Navigator, click Save File, specify a location (such as the desktop), and then click Save.

Installing AdobePS

After you download AdobePS, you must install it and set it up with a PPD file for the Acrobat Distiller printer (a virtual printer). This setup enables you to create optimal PDF files from FrameMaker.

Note: If a later version of AdobePS is currently installed, remove it from the computer before completing the procedure below.

To install AdobePS:

1. Double-click the *.exe file that you downloaded.

Note: If you receive an error such as ''aps999xxx.exe is not a valid Win32 application," download AdobePS again. A slow network connection may have interrupted the original download and damaged the installer.

2. In the Welcome dialog box, click Next.

3. Click Accept to accept the License Agreement.

4. In the Printer Installation Type dialog box, select Install a New PostScript Printer; then click Next.

5. In the Printer Connection Type dialog box, select It Is Directly Connected to Your Printer (Local Printer), and then click Next.

6. In the Local Port Selection dialog box, click File Port, and then click Next.

7. In the Select Printer Model dialog box, click Browse.

8. In the Browse for Printer dialog box, navigate to the \Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker6.0\ppds folder:

9. In the Printers list, specify Acrobat Distiller in the desired language:

-- For English, click Acrobat Distiller.

-- For Japanese, click Acrobat Distiller J.

-- For Chinese (Simplified), click Acrobat Distiller CS.

-- For Chinese (Traditional), click Acrobat Distiller CT.

-- For Korean, click Acrobat Distiller K.

10. Click OK.

11. In the Printer Information dialog box, select Yes to make this printer the default, and select No to avoid printing a test page.

12. Click OK.

13. In the Setup Information dialog box, click Install.

14. In the Setup Complete dialog box, click Finish.

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