Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer

The Dreamweaver 8 Developer certification represents a professional level of expertise in the activities that demonstrate an individual's competency as a Dreamweaver developer. A certified individual should thoroughly understand the Dreamweaver application, web page design, web page authoring, and supporting technologies.

To become certified, you must pass a challenging exam that consists of approximately 65 multiple-choice questions. The exam is delivered in a secure and proctored testing environment.

This examination is based upon the most critical job activities a Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Developer performs. The skills and knowledge certified by this examination represent a professional level of expertise where a certified individual can:

  • Identify requirements and strategies for website design.
  • Develop, implement, test, deploy solutions, and maintain websites.


Macromedia has teamed with Virtual University Enterprise (VUE) to offer the Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer Exam worldwide at any one of the more than 3,000 worldwide testing facilities. To find the testing facility nearest you, please visit


The price in North America for the Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer exam is $150 ( U.S. ) — payable via a valid credit card at the time you register for the exam. Pricing outside North America varies by country.

Suggested Prerequisites

The test specification is intended to address the knowledge and skill areas that demonstrate proficiency as a Dreamweaver 8 Developer. The basic knowledge and skills required at this level should include all of the following areas and test objective components identified in the Test Content section below. The knowledge level can be defined as having the following prerequisites:

  • Six months experience creating/using professional high quality graphics
  • Two or more years experience in web development
  • Job knowledge of HTML, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS syntax
  • Six months experience in website management
  • At least one year experience using Dreamweaver
  • Experience with manual coding

These training courses will assist in exam preparation:

Study Guidelines

Macromedia provides guidelines and example questions for the Certified Dreamweaver Developer 8 Exam in a downloadable PDF document:

PDFCertified Dreamweaver 8 Developer Exam guidelines (PDF,30K)

Please note: This document is a general outline of the topics and content that may be covered in the exam (including example questions). It is not meant to serve as a sample exam.

PDFDreamweaver 8 Developer Exam sample questions (PDF,19K)


The Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer Exam consists of 65 challenging multiple choice and true/false questions delivered in a secure proctored testing environment. You will have 85 minutes to complete the exam. Reference materials and discussion between examinees is strictly prohibited.

Candidates need to score 70% correct or better on the Certified Dreamweaver 8 Developer Exam to pass and become certified.

To Register

You may register for the exam by contacting VUE directly. Either register online at, or call VUE at 877-460-8679 (in North America ) or at 952-681-3000 (outside North America ).


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