Training Course Outlines and Descriptions

Using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional 6 (2-3 days)

(Prices and course length may vary. Check with your local training center for this information.)


In this instructor-led training, students will learn how to create and host an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional meeting, and will cover topics including scheduling meetings; displaying content in meetings; using audio and video during meetings; customizing the meeting room; interacting with participants; recording meetings; and creating and managing Adobe Connect Events. In addition to teaching methodology, the course focuses strongly on best practices for hosting meetings and managing associated content. The course also includes optional content for recording a demonstration and interactive simulation using the Adobe Captivate application.


This course is for people who plan on creating and hosting Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional meetings.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Connect Enterprise Applications

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Enterprise Applications
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional
  • Introducing Adobe Presenter
  • Navigating an Adobe Presentation
  • Introducing Adobe Connect Training
  • Introducing Adobe Connect Events
  • Introducing the Adobe Connect Enterprise Manager

Unit 2: Creating an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Meeting Room

  • Creating a Meeting Room
  • Selecting Participants
  • Sending Invitations
  • Navigating Within a Meeting Room

Unit 3: Managing an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Meeting Room

  • Controlling Access to a Meeting Room
  • Managing Attendees
  • Setting and Viewing Connection Properties

Unit 4: Sharing Presentations

  • Loading PowerPoint Slides
  • Using Presentation Controls
  • Changing a Participant’s View
  • Sharing an Adobe Presentation
  • Sharing a Quiz in an Adobe Presentation

Unit 5: Customizing the Viewing Experience

  • Maximizing Pods within the Acrobat Connect Professional Application Window
  • Maximizing the Acrobat Connect Professional Application Window on the Computer Screen
  • Maximizing the Share Pod on the Computer Screen
  • Reviewing Full Screen Best Practices
  • Reviewing Ways to Maximize Pods

Unit 6: Using a Whiteboard

  • Using a Whiteboard
  • Collaborating Using a Whiteboard
  • Using a Whiteboard Overlay
  • Saving Whiteboard Content

Unit 7: Using Screen Sharing

  • Introducing Screen Sharing
  • Sharing your Desktop
  • Controlling the Screen Share View as a Participant
  • Sharing an Application
  • Sharing Multiple Applications or Windows
  • Pausing and Annotating a Snapshot
  • Previewing your Screen Share
  • Granting Remote Control of Applications
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Optimizing the Experience

Unit 8: Sharing Static Text and Images

  • Displaying Static Text
  • Sharing Images

Unit 9: Sharing Flash Content

  • Using FlashPaper to Share a Document
  • Sharing Adobe Captivate Content
  • Showing Videos in an Acrobat Connect Professional Meeting
  • Sharing Other Types of Flash Content

Unit 10: Managing the Meetings Library

  • Understanding the Structure of the Meeting Library
  • Managing and Organizing Meetings
  • Viewing and Editing Meeting Information
  • Managing Associated Meeting Room Content
  • Viewing Meeting Reports
  • Introducing Seminars

Unit 11: Customizing Pod Display

  • Customizing Pods
  • Hiding and Showing Pods
  • Deleting and Adding Pods
  • Renaming Pods
  • Making Pods Visible Only to Presenters
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Customizing Meeting Rooms

Unit 12: Customizing and Saving Layouts

  • Customizing Layouts
  • Reordering Layouts
  • Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Layouts
  • Adding a Background Image
  • Preparing Other Layouts During a Meeting
  • Saving a Room as a Template
  • Customizing All Meeting Rooms (Administrator Only)
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Customizing Meeting Rooms

Unit 13: Using Audio and Video

  • Using Audio and Video
  • Broadcasting Presenter Audio
  • Using Voice Over IP for Conversations
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Broadcasting Audio
  • Broadcasting Presenter Video
  • Broadcasting Multiple Videos
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Broadcasting Video

Unit 14: Managing Text Messages and Questions

  • Sending Text Messages
  • Moderating Chat

Unit 15: Sharing Files, Polls, and Web Links

  • Sharing Files
  • Running a Poll
  • Opening Web Pages in Attendee Browsers

Unit 16: Recording Acrobat Connect Professional Meetings

  • Recording Acrobat Connect Professional Meetings
  • Locating Meeting Recordings
  • Playing Meeting Archives
  • Searching Meeting Archives
  • Managing Meeting Archives
  • Understanding Archive Storage Requirements

Unit 17: Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

  • Integrating Adobe Acrobat Connect with Microsoft Outlook
  • Installing the Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Creating Instant Meetings
  • Creating Scheduled Meetings

Unit 18: Creating and Managing Adobe Connect Events

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Events
  • Performing Pre-Event Tasks
  • Creating a New Connect Event
  • Performing In-Event Tasks
  • Performing Post-Event Tasks
  • Managing Connect Events
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Events

Unit 19: Introducing Adobe Captivate 2 (Optional)

  • Introducing Adobe Captivate 2
  • Previewing a Sample Project
  • Exploring Adobe Captivate’s Working Environment

Unit 20: Recording a Demonstration (Optional)

  • Understanding the Workflow Process
  • Recording an Application Demonstration
  • Previewing and Saving a Demonstration
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Projects
  • Working with Text Captions
  • Recording Audio for an Existing Project
  • Importing Audio Files
  • Publishing Your Project

Unit 21: Recording a Simulation (Optional)

  • Recording an Assessment Simulation
  • Importing PowerPoint Slides
  • Inserting Buttons
  • Inserting a Question Slide and Creating Multiple Paths