Macromedia Instructor-led Course

Using Macromedia Breeze Presenter 5 (2-3 days)

Prices and course length may vary. Check with your local training center for this information.


Using Macromedia Breeze Presenter 5 provides students the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to create Breeze presentations. Topics including recording and editing slide narration; publishing locally and to a Breeze server; adding quizzes, animations, links, files, Flash content, and Captivate movies to a presentation; managing presentations; and customizing presentations. The course also includes optional content which teaches students how to create and manage training courses, training curricula, and events.


This course is for people who want to create and manage Breeze presentations. To gain the most from this class, you should be:

  • Comfortable working in a Windows environment.
  • Familiar with web terminology.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Breeze

  • Introducing Breeze              
  • Introducing Breeze Meeting              
  • Introducing Breeze Presenter                       
  • Navigating Breeze presentations                   
  • Introducing Breeze Training             
  • Introducing Breeze Events               
  • Introducing the Breeze Web Manager            

Unit 2: Adding Audio

  • Installing Macromedia Breeze Presenter 5     
  • Recording slide narration     
  • Editing audio           
  • Importing audio      

Unit 3: Publishing Breeze Presentations

  • Publishing locally    
  • Setting presentation properties         
  • Packaging a presentation for distribution       
  • Publishing to a Breeze server           
  • Updating a Breeze presentation on  the server          

Unit 4: Customizing Breeze Presentations

  • Setting slide navigation names        
  • Adding presenter information           
  • Adding slide videos 
  • Changing the presentation theme     
  • Creating a custom theme   

Unit 5: Adding Animations, Links, and Files

  • Adding PowerPoint animations          
  • Synchronizing audio and animations 
  • Adding PowerPoint links      
  • Attaching files         

Unit 6: Adding Flash Content

  • Embedding Flash content     
  • Enabling complete playback of non-interactive Flash SWF files           
  • Enabling Flash content with the presentation control bar        
  • Enabling sufficient slide time for interactive Flash SWF files   

Unit 7: Adding Quizzes

  • Adding quiz questions         
  • Setting quiz navigation        
  • Customizing the appearance of quiz slides    
  • Customizing feedback messages      
  • Scoring and reporting quiz results   
  • Adding audio to quiz slides  

Unit 8: Managing the Breeze Content Library

  • Navigating the Content Library         
  • Viewing and editing presentation information 
  • Downloading Breeze presentations    
  • Searching Breeze presentations        
  • Uploading content to the Content Library      
  • Viewing content reports      

Unit 9: Creating Breeze Training Courses

  • Creating a course   
  • Taking a course      
  • Viewing course reports       

Unit 10: Creating Breeze Training Curricula

  • Creating a training curriculum         
  • Adding external training items to a curriculum          
  • Organizing a curriculum into folders 
  • Assigning learning object dependencies       
  • Setting up curriculum enrollment     
  • Viewing curriculum reports 

Unit 11: Creating and Managing Events

  • Introducing Breeze Events
  • Understanding the life-cycle of an event
  • Completing pre-event tasks
  • Creating an event
  • Registering and approving attendees
  • Tracking campaigns
  • Completing in-event tasks
  • Completing post-event tasks
  • Reporting on events
  • Managing events