Training course outlines and descriptions

Flash Media Server 3: Streaming Media Application Development

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Flash Media Server 3: Application Development provides experienced Flash developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and deliver Streaming and Social Media applications with Flash Media Server 3. This course focuses on teaching students the Server Side ActionScript, ActionScript 3 and Flash CS3 skills required to build real-world rich media applications with audio, video, and data that interact dynamically with the user.

Course length

Three days


This course is for experienced ActionScript 3 programmers who want to deliver Streaming Media Applications with Flash Media Server 3. To gain the most from this class, you should:

  • Be comfortable using the Flash CS3 Professional authoring environment
  • Have knowledge of basic programming constructs including loops, functions and objects
  • Be familiar with basic ActionScript 3 concepts

Course outline

Introducing the Course

  • Reviewing the Course Prerequisites
  • Reviewing the Course Format
  • Outlining the Course Content

Introducing Flash Media Applications

  • Introducing Streaming and Social Media Applications
  • Presenting FMS Application Runtime Platforms
  • Understanding Flash Player Security, Camera and Microphone Settings
  • Understanding Supported Media Types
  • Flash Media Server Programming Languages and Application Development Tools
  • Exploring FMS Directories and Files
  • Understanding FMS 3 Editions

Leveraging the FLVPlayback Component

  • Introducing the ActionScript 3 FLVPlayback Component
  • Streaming Video Without Code
  • Implementing Basic Player Controls
  • Enhancing the Player with ActionScript
  • Using FullScreen Mode
  • Using Video Metadata
  • Subscribing to Live Video

Streaming Pre-Recorded Audio and Video

  • Streaming Pre-Recorded Audio and Video
  • Reviewing Streaming File Formats
  • Setting up FMS for Streaming
  • Core Classes for Streaming in ActionScript 3
  • Introducing the NetConnection Class 1 2
  • Exploring NetConnection Event Handling
  • Streaming with ActionScript
  • Exploring NetStream Event Handling
  • Streaming-Only Playback Options

Building Live Streaming Clients

  • Using Live Audio and Video
  • Accessing the Microphone and Camera
  • Optimizing Device Configuration
  • Using the NetStream Class for Publishing
  • Subscribing to Live Video

Introducing SSAS

  • Introducing Server Side ActionScript (SSAS)
  • An Overview of SSAS Classes
  • Working with the Application Class
  • Managing Connection Re quests from Clients
  • Working with the Client Class
  • Using the NetConnection Class in SSAS

Creating Social Media Applications

  • Defining Social Media Applications
  • Using Remote SharedObjects (RSO)
  • Connecting to Remote SharedObjects
  • Writing to Remote SharedObjects
  • Reading Remote SharedObject Data
  • Examining SharedObject Synchronization
  • Remote Method Invocation
  • Broadcasting One-Way Messages
  • Special Uses for NetStream Messaging
  • Client / Server Remote Method Invocation