Training Course Outlines and Descriptions

Fundamentals of Adobe® LiveCycle™ Forms 7.x API (1 day)

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The intent of this course is to illustrate how, both conceptually and technically, Adobe products extend intelligent data capture beyond your organization's walls.

Adobe® LiveCycle™ Forms software enables organizations to intelligently capture information to streamline form-driven business processes through automation. Whether users are online or offline, internal or external, Adobe LiveCycle Forms lets organizations deploy secure XML-based forms as Adobe PDF or HTML over any platform or device — from PCs to handhelds — without requiring any new software or plug-ins.

This course provides information on how to use the Forms API. It includes information on using the two core interfaces of the Forms API — IFormServer and IOutputContext.


This is a Fundamentals-level course and intended for:

  • Web Application Developers
  • Java developers who will be creating document based solutions through Adobe® LiveCycle™

Course Outline

Module 1: Examining Adobe LiveCycle Forms

  • Introduction to electronic forms
  • Electronic Form Challenges
  • Types of Forms
  • About LiveCycle Forms
  • The Forms Modules
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Use Cases and the Triaining Application
  • Examining a Forms Implementation
  • Examining the Training Application

Module 2: Generating Forms with the Forms Server Module

  • Understanding the Render Form Process
  • The Render Form Process For HTML
  • Invoking the Form Server Module
  • Steps Required to Render a Form
  • Creating a Render Form Application using the Model View Controller
  • Using the Forms Installation and Verification Sample
  • The Render Form Process for PDF
  • The Form Server Module Documentation

Module 3: Processing Form Submissions

  • Introduction to Client-side and Server-side scripting
  • Round-trip Forms
  • Using the Process Form Submission
  • Handling Data Submissions