LiveCycle ES2.5: Document Output Specialist

Course Length

3 days (classroom)


Developing a LiveCycle ES2.5 Application workshop, or developers who are familiar with LiveCycle ES2


Developers who are familiar with LiveCycle Workbench and want to further their knowledge of LiveCycle PDF Generator, LiveCycle Output and LiveCycle Assembler.


This workshop focuses on building LiveCycle applications using the PDF Generator and Output modules. Day one consists of lectures and demonstrations combined with a series of exercises that focus on PDF Generator and Assembler. During this day, you will build an archiving solution. Day two follows the same pattern with the focus on Output and you will create a print-on-demand solution as well as a LiveCycle custom component. Topics covered include converting files to PDF and PDF/A, working with XPath functions, creating DDX files, dynamically building portfolios and documents, designing forms for batch printing, using the XDC editor and creating a custom component for LiveCycle. On the third day there is a self-paced lab. During this lab, you will build a solution that meets a specific set of requirements. The workshop uses Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2, which is the integrated development environment (IDE) for creating LiveCycle applications. As well, you will use Document Builder, Designer and Eclipse to build DDX files, templates and custom components.


The learner will create a print and archive application to the extent that

  • Workbench is used in a lab setting
  • The generatePDF operation is used to convert multiple file types
  • Documents are converted and confirmed as complying to the PDF/A specification
  • Documents are combined into portfolios
  • Documents are extracted from portfolios
  • XFA templates are designed for print
  • Generate multiple record print streams
  • A custom component is created
  • Functionality is achieved as per lab requirements


  • Describing the PDF Generator Service and Settings
  • Handling Multiple Documents with XPath Builder
  • Using Doc Builder to Create DDX files
  • Creating Archival PDFs
  • Designing Templates for Print using the Output Service
  • Using LiveCycle Output to Create a Print Stream
  • Creating a Custom Component for LiveCycle
  • Performance Tips and overview of Production Print