LiveCycle ES2.5: Introduction to Digital Signatures

Course Length

1 day


Developing a LiveCycle ES2.5 Application workshop or the minimum skill set/knowledge for this workshop is to be able to:

  • Complete the online module: How a Digital Signature Works
  • Create a multi-step process in Workbench
  • Test and troubleshoot a process in Workbench


The content will be geared toward developers who are familiar with LiveCycle and want to further their knowledge of the Digital Signatures ES2 module.


This workshop is designed as an introduction to digital signature technology and to LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2. In addition to providing you with theory about LiveCycle Digital Signatures, a large segment of the training is devoted to hands-on exercises as well as demonstrations. For each lesson, we will start with an activity to introduce you to some of the concepts that will be covered in the lesson. We will then cover the content of the lessons using a combination of lectures and demonstrations. We will finish off each lesson with an exercise where you can put into practice the functionality covered in the lesson. The exercises are divided into tasks and build upon each other to configure Acrobat/Reader, sign and certify documents and validate digital signatures on the client and server side.

To complete this workshop, there is a self-paced lab that consists of a set of requirements from which you must create your own end-to-end solution that implements the functionality covered during this workshop. The workshop uses Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2, which is the integrated development environment (IDE) for creating LiveCycle applications. In this IDE, you will design processes, however, you will also touch on the Administrative User Interface as we complete the application.


Workshop objectives include:

  • Creating and configuring signature fields on a form template
  • Creating a process that will certify a document
  • Signing documents using Acrobat
  • Configuring Acrobat to validate signed documents
  • Creating a process that validate the signatures on a document


  • How a Digital Signature Works (self-paced prerequisite module)
  • Describing signatures in PDF
  • Designing a Form for Digital Signatures
  • Using LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2
  • Configuring the Client for Digital Signatures
  • Validating PDF Signatures on the Client
  • Validating PDF Signatures server Side