LiveCycle Mosaic ES2.5 and Flex 4: Learning the Fundamentals

Course Length

1 day instructor-led training


Flex 4: Developing Rich Internet Applications or prior Flex experience


This course is designed for experienced Adobe Flex developers seeking hands-on introductory experience with the LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 composite RIA framework


LiveCycle Mosaic ES2.5 and Flex 4: Learning the Fundamentals provides hands-on experience developing and deploying an application using the LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 Composite RIA Framework.


  • Discuss the benefits of developing Mosaic applications
  • Define key terms associated with Mosaic applications
  • Describe the development models associated with Mosaic applications
  • Configure Flex Builder for a mosaic project
  • Create a Mosaic Tile
  • Implement tile communication
  • Persist data from a view
  • Debug a mosaic application
  • Deploy a mosaic application


  • Understanding the solution
  • Introduction the terminology
  • Understanding the development models
  • Configuring the Flash Builder environment
  • Creating Mosaic tiles with Adobe Flex
  • Communicating between tile components
  • Persisting data between views
  • Deploying a Mosaic application
  • Learning more about LiveCycle Mosaic ES2