Training Course Outlines and Descriptions

Using Adobe Presenter 6 (2 days)

(Prices and course length may vary. Check with your local training center for this information.)


In this instructor-led training, students will learn how to create Adobe Presenter presentations, and will cover topics including recording and editing slide narration; publishing locally and to the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server; adding quizzes, animations, links, files, Flash content, and Flash video to a presentation; managing presentations; and customizing presentations. The course includes content which teaches students how to create and manage training courses, training curriculums, and events. The course also includes optional content for recording a demonstration and interactive simulation using the Adobe Captivate application.


This course is for people who want to create and manage Adobe Presenter presentations.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Connect Enterprise Applications

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Enterprise Applications
  • Introducing Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional
  • Introducing Adobe Presenter
  • Navigating an Adobe Presentation
  • Introducing Adobe Connect Training
  • Introducing Adobe Connect Events
  • Introducing the Adobe Connect Enterprise Manager

Unit 2: Adding Audio

  • Installing Adobe Presenter 6
  • Recording Slide Narration
  • Editing Audio
  • Importing Audio
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Audio

Unit 3: Publishing an Adobe Presentation

  • Publishing Presentations
  • Setting Presentation Properties
  • Packaging a Presentation for Distribution
  • Publishing to the Adobe Connect Server
  • Updating an Adobe Presentation on the Server

Unit 4: Customizing Adobe Presentations

  • Setting Slide Navigation Names
  • Adding Presenter Information
  • Adding Slide Videos
  • Changing the Presentation Theme
  • Creating a Custom Theme

Unit 5: Adding Animations, Links, and Files

  • Adding PowerPoint Animations
  • Synchronizing Audio and Animations
  • Adding PowerPoint Links
  • Attaching Files

Unit 6: Adding Flash Content

  • Embedding Flash Content
  • Enabling Complete Playback of Non-Interactive Flash SWF Files
  • Controlling Flash Content with the Presentation Control Bar
  • Enabling Sufficient Slide Time for Interactive Flash SWF Files

Unit 7: Adding Quizzes

  • Adding Quiz Questions
  • Setting Quiz Navigation Properties
  • Customizing the Appearance of Quiz Slides
  • Customizing Feedback Messages
  • Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
  • Adding Audio to Quiz Slides
  • Reviewing Tips and Tricks

Unit 8: Managing the Connect Enterprise Content Library

  • Understanding the Structure of the Content Library
  • Managing and Organizing Content
  • Viewing and Editing Presentation Information
  • Downloading Presentations
  • Searching for Presentations
  • Uploading Content to the Content Library
  • Viewing Content Reports

Unit 9: Creating an Adobe Connect Training Course

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Training
  • Creating a New Course
  • Viewing Course Reports

Unit 10: Creating an Adobe Connect Training Curriculum

  • Understanding Training Curriculum
  • Creating a Training Curriculum
  • Adding External Training Items to a Curriculum
  • Organizing Curriculum Items into Folders
  • Assigning Learning Object Dependencies
  • Setting Up Curriculum Enrollment
  • Viewing Curriculum Reports
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Training Curriculum

Unit 11: Creating and Managing Adobe Connect Events

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Events
  • Performing Pre-Event Tasks
  • Creating a New Connect Event
  • Performing In-Event Tasks
  • Performing Post-Event Tasks
  • Managing Connect Events
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Events

Unit 12: Introducing Adobe Captivate 2 (Optional)

  • Introducing Adobe Captivate 2
  • Previewing a Sample Project
  • Exploring Adobe Captivate’s Working Environment

Unit 13: Recording a Demonstration (Optional)

  • Understanding the Workflow Process
  • Recording an Application Demonstration
  • Previewing and Saving a Demonstration
  • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Projects
  • Working with Text Captions
  • Recording Audio for an Existing Project
  • Importing Audio Files
  • Publishing Your Project

Unit 14: Recording a Simulation (Optional)

  • Recording an Assessment Simulation
  • Importing PowerPoint Slides
  • Inserting Buttons
  • Inserting a Question Slide and Creating Multiple Paths