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Gallery Effects and xRes

After applying the Gallery Effects filters, I cannot save the file with the changes I've made.

xRes supports third-party Adobe Photoshop plug-in filters such as Kai's Power Tools and Gallery Effects. However, some of the Gallery Effects filters will not work properly in xRes.

To install plug-in filters, please refer to page 154 in the xRes 2.0 User Guide.

Here is a list of the Gallery Effects filters that can be used to enhance your images in xRes.

Gallery Effects: Classic Art 2 Gallery Effects Volume 1 Gallery Effects: Classic Art 3
GE Accented Edges GE Chrome GE Plastic Wrap Sampler
GE Angled Strokes GE Emboss
GE Colored Pencil GE Film Grain
GE Glowing Edges GE Smudge Stick
GE Grain GE Spatter
GE Note Paper
GE Palette Knife
GE Patchwork
GE Rough Pastels
GE Texturizer
GE Underpainting

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Last updated: November 13, 1997
Created: Before June 4, 1997

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Product: xRes
Versions: 2.0 to 3.0
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