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xRes 3.0 Overview

The most powerful creative tool for image editing, natural texture painting, and compositing images for print and the Internet, Macromedia xRes enables users to unleash their imagination with the next generation of high-performance image design tools.

xRes provides built-in web functionality, a complete set of creative tools, and cutting-edge hi-res compositing and integration with the most popular graphics programs.

New Features:

Shockwave -
New Shockwave support enables users to dynamically publish and view streamed hi-res images on the Web without having to download the entire file. Web surfers can pan and zoom into embedded hi-resolution images for greater detail and interactivity.

Web Power -
Users can easily create image maps by embedding URLs into graphical objects for maximum flexibility. URL tagged objects can be edited or moved, combining image design and image mapping into a single process. Designers can save image mapped graphics from xRes 3.0 in Internet friendly file formats like transparent GIFs or progressive JPEGs, streamlining the production of complex Web sites. xRes 3.0 also offers control over indexed color palettes for shorter download times.

Integration -
xRes 3.0 provides improved integration between products in the FreeHand Graphics Studio as well as other leading graphics programs for improved productivity. xRes 3.0 lets designers drag and drop bitmapped files between applications on the Macintosh. You can also import Photoshop 3.0 files with layers, transparency, and blend modes. xRes 3.0 also supports inplace editing of TIFF files within FreeHand.

Level Two Postscript RIP -
With the integrated Level Two Postscript RIP, xRes 3.0 rasterizes complete vector graphics and text created in FreeHand, QuarkXPress, Page Maker and Illustrator with maximun flexibility. xRes 3.0 opens EPS files with six anti-aliasing options, a pre-built transparency channel for easy compositing and support for CMYK, RGB, and grayscale images.

Improved Device Support -
xRes 3.0 supports the TWAIN standard for image acquisition from scanners and digital cameras on the Macintosh, as well as non-Postscript and Quickdraw printers.

Enhancements for Procuctivity -
xRes 3.0 allows users to easily reset dialog boxes using the Option key, view objects names in the Channels palette, view brush cursors on-screen, and turn off anti-aliasing for all tools.

System Requirements:

Pentium Processor recommended; Intel 486/50 or better supported

Windows 95 or Windows NT

Minimum 16MB

SVGA color (24-bit color preferred)

500 MB free swap disk recommended in xRes mode. Multiple swap drivers supported

14 MB installation footprint on hard drive

CD-ROM drive required

Power Macintosh recommended; 68040 processors supported

System 7.5 or better

Minimum 16 MB

8-bit color (24-bit color preferred)

500 MB free swap disk recommended in xRes mode. Multiple swap drives supported

14 MB installation foot print on hard drive

CD-ROM drive required

Copyright 1997 Macromedia Inc.

Last updated: September 26, 1997
Created: Before June 25, 1997

ID: 3830
Product: xRes
Versions: 3.0
OS: All
Browser: N/A
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