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Get the XDK

Each MOA (Originally Macromedia Open Architecture) application ships with an Xtras Development Kit (XDK), included free with the application. Each XDK provides detailed documentation, sample files and header files. Adobe XDKs and any updates to them are also available in the Xtras Support Center. The XSC provides a variety of resources, including links to downloadable versions of our Xtra Development Kits (XDKs) for various products, online documentation, and support channels.

Submit an Xtra
Once you've developed your Xtra, you can submit it to the Director Exchange.

More on the Technology
MOA has been optimized to maximize the developer's ability to leverage their knowledge across products and platforms, and provide superior performance, flexibility and simplicity.

Cross-product applicability: The MOA is implemented in several Adobe products. This enables developers familiar with MOA in one application to quickly begin developing Xtras for another Adobe application. In addition some Xtras can be used unmodified in multiple Adobe applications. In addition, some Xtras can be used unmodified in multiple Adobe applications, if they are not using product specific interfaces.
Cross-Platform: The MOA was designed to be cross-platform, operating on Macintosh and all varieties of Windows. Director on Mac and Windows supports exactly the same APIs - Xtras written for one platform can be moved to the other platform with a simple recompile.
Leverage existing knowledge: MOA is based on the COM object model developed by Microsoft as the basis for its object architecture, and a familiar model to programmers.
Performance: The MOA is optimized for performance. Both at call time and at application launch time, the MOA is designed to provide superior performance. At call time, messages sent to a MOA Xtra are direct procedure calls. At launch time MOA caches Xtra information, minimizing object loads.
Flexibility and Simplicity: MOA was designed to be extensible, flexible and simple. The way MOA objects are named, called and organized is designed for maximum simplicity. MOA allows the logical grouping of messages to an Xtra; MOA identifiers are guaranteed unique; and MOA objects can easily define interfaces that can be called by other MOA objects, allowing great flexibility and extensibility.