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FreeHand Xtra Development Kit

The FreeHand XDK provides everything developers need to create powerful extensions to FreeHand: documentation, example code, and support for rapid Xtra development. Whether you intend to automate FreeHand for in-house use or develop commercial Xtras to enhance the user's productivity and creativity, the XDK is the place to start.

What's New
The FreeHand XDK supports cross-platform file I/O. The kit also includes sample Xtras and documentation in PDF format. For a quick tour of the XDK and its contents, open any of the HTML "roadmap" documents found throughout the XDK.

The XDK installer is distributed for Windows and MacOS. The Windows installation includes projects for Microsoft Visual C++ 5 and higher. The MacOS installation includes projects for Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 1 or higher. Other requirements include FreeHand 5.5 or later, the system requirements associated with FreeHand and the development environments, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Developer support for the FreeHand XDK is provided through the mediums listed below and is free of charge.

  • FreeHand Xtra Developer Mailing List (fh-xdk-l)
  • Macromedia Engineering Support (

Please contact us right away so we can get to know you and add you to the mailing list! We look forward to helping you create exciting FreeHand Xtras!

Earlier XDK's
The FreeHand XDK is the current XDK. You can use it to create Xtras for FreeHand. However, for completeness, earlier XDK distributions are still available:

  • FreeHand XDK version 7, Mac (2.2MB) and Windows (1.2 MB)
  • FreeHand 5.5 XDK for Mac
  • The FreeHand XDK version 1.1.1, which allows you to create Xtras for FreeHand 5.0 (Mac and Win)