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Tell a story with your photos in a custom slide show (Win only)
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Slides shows are a fun and creative way to share your photos with friends and family. You can even add music and narration to accompany the images. The Custom Slide Show feature of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 3.0 lets you create slide shows that delight and entertain.
Select photos for the custom slide show.

Select photos in the Photo Browser and click the Create button in the shortcuts bar.

Note: Keep in mind that a custom slide show can contain images and audio but not movie files.

Select Slide Show as the creation type.

In the Creation Setup window, select Slide Show and click OK. Select Custom Slide Show for the slide show format and click OK.

You see the Slide Show Editor, where you put together your custom slide show. To put photos in the slide show, click the Add button (which has a green plus symbol and a tiny star) and add more photos from the Photo Browser or from folders. If you change your mind, right-click a thumbnail in the Storyboard and choose Delete from the context menu to remove a photo from the slide show.

Change the order of the photos.

Drag a thumbnail in the Storyboard to change its order. You can click the Play button (a green circular button with a right-facing white arrow) to preview your slide show at any time.

By default, each photo is shown for 5 seconds. You can click the Duration icon under an image and choose a different duration from the pop-up menu.

Note: You can change slide show defaults and options, such as the image duration and transitions. In the Slide Show Editor, choose Edit > Slide Show Preferences.

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