Trial availability FAQ

Why are some Adobe product trials currently not available?
During the month of June 2009, certain product trials that are launched for the first time (regardless of when they were installed) will function for only one day instead of 30 days, due to an error in a line of code that counts down the remaining days in a trial. You will not experience this issue if you have launched your trial before June 1, 2009, or do not launch it until July 1 or thereafter.
We understand that trials are an important tool to experience the new features of a product. However, this issue would have resulted in a frustrating situation for a large number of customers — an experience that just does not meet the high standards we have set for all of our products and solutions. We invite you to explore the other resources available on in order to experience the products in action.
Which product trials are affected?
The trial versions of the following products are affected worldwide in all languages, regardless of whether you have an electronic software download or DVD trial version:
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 for Macintosh
Adobe Visual Communicator® 3
When will trials be available again?
Trials of affected products will be unavailable from June 1 through July 6, 2009. They will be available again starting July 6.
Does this issue affect purchased versions of these Adobe products?
This issue primarily affects products when they are run in trial mode. However, there is one situation in which you may be affected by this bug in June and July. Please note that volume licensing customers are NOT affected since there is no activation step.

Product Activation
You purchase and install your product, and during software setup are presented with the option to Activate Now or Activate Later:
  • If you select Activate Now, you are not affected and will be able to continue to use the product normally.
  • In June, if you select Activate Later you would normally receive a 30-day grace period to activate. However due to the error, you will have only a 1-day grace period and will be required to activate the product to continue using it.
  • In July, you will have the full 30-day grace period to activate. However, due to the impacted countdown calendar, the screen will show 30 days left for the month regardless of the actual remaining days. The counter will adjust to the correct remaining days August 1.
If you are affected by this issue and are for some reason unable to activate, you will be directed to dial the activation number provided on the activation screen.
Are betas affected?
Will this issue affect any other applications on my computer?
I got my trial before June 1, but haven’t used it yet. Is it affected?
If you have a trial version listed above and run the application for the first time in June, yes. If you have installed the trial but do not open or run the application for the first time until July 1, your 30-day trial period will not be affected.
I installed a trial affected by this issue in June. Can I install another version of the same trial in July?
Unfortunately, no. To prevent unrestricted use of trial versions, they can be installed only once on a machine.