Adobe Analytics Premium: Predictive Intelligence

Seeing the future isn’t a superhero power.
It’s a marketing tool.

Predictive Intelligence uses innovations in machine learning and data visualization to help you see the impact of marketing activities, perform “what if” scenarios to predict outcomes, and identify the probability of visitor engagement through predictive scoring.
Predictive Intelligence
Work in the now with real-time data
See what’s happening right now with your site visitors to enable data-driven responses to actionable events, using a real-time events fire hose.
360-degree customer analysis
Separate the crucial info from the trivial
Understand the driving forces influencing your business anomalies, and measure the contributing impact.
Cross-channel attribution
Plan for the future through data science
Use powerful data science processes, such as data mining and statistical modeling, to understand past performance to better improve future marketing activities.

See what Analytics Premium: Predictive Intelligence can do.

Live Stream
See what’s happening right now with your site visitors. Turn this ongoing data feed into action with the real-time events fire hose. See live traffic visualizations to help you improve remarketing as it’s occurring.
Anomaly detection
Identify anomalies by recognizing statistically significant spikes or dips across any metric. Know which metrics are important and what strategies will drive the best outcomes.
Contribution analysis
Identify the “differences that make the difference” in trended data and anomalies. Sort through large sets of data while they’re still relevant.
Propensity scoring
Predict and target the customers that are most likely to convert, churn, or respond. This helps you determine where your time is best spent to create the biggest impact.

Don’t just know your customers today. Know them tomorrow.

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