Create accessible content

Adobe software products and technologies enable you to create, manage, and deliver accessible, visually rich content that can be accessed virtually anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

Author with accessibility in mind

Creating an accessible electronic document requires more than specialized authoring tools. Adobe encourages document authors to begin with accessibility in mind, defining document structure and adding navigational aids and explanatory information during the authoring process. Assistive technologies, such as screen readers rely on this computer-based information to provide the cues, a person with disabilities needs to read and navigate a page easily.

Find out how each of the following products enables accessibility by clicking the product name links.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0

The Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0 product family contains specialized tools to help you create accessible Adobe PDF documents and forms. Documents can be read in Acrobat through the use of assistive technologies as well.

Acrobat Capture 3.0 (U.S.)

Adobe Acrobat® Capture® 3.0 software is the perfect addition to Adobe Acrobat 7.0 for people who want to process high volumes of scanned paper and turn them into searchable tagged Adobe PDF files.

Adobe PDF Forms Access

Adobe PDF Forms Access is an excellent addition to Adobe Acrobat for people who want to use precision tools to optimize existing PDF forms more quickly. This product is bundled as one component of the Acrobat Capture 3.0 Agent Pack, but it can also run standalone. Purchase of Acrobat Capture 3.0 (the complete product) is not required.

Adobe Designer 6.0

Adobe Designer simplifies the creation of intelligent forms. Design XML templates that can be deployed in accessible Adobe PDF: HTML, or aHTML format. The graphic interface enables authors to quickly and easily create forms that look exactly like their paper counterparts.

Adobe Acrobat 5.0

If you're using Acrobat 5.0, Adobe provides several tools for creating and optimizing accessible documents: the Make Accessible Plug-in, the Paper Capture Plug-in, and the Accessibility Checker. However, to access the full range of accessibility features available with Acrobat, we recommend that you upgrade to Acrobat 7.0, which includes all of these capabilities and more.


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