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Extend the value of your ECM investment

Adobe partners with leading enterprise content management (ECM) vendors to deliver powerful forms-based and collaborative process solutions.

Adobe form solutions integrate with ECM systems to provide flexible, intelligent forms processing that results in greater control and management of crucial information and documents, within and outside the firewall. These joint solutions enable you to:

  • Include forms and captured data as content types that can be version controlled, repurposed, and integrated into workflows managed by the ECM environment
  • Simplify compliance with enhanced archiving and audit capabilities
  • Reduce costs of printing, storing, and distributing paper forms

Creating a unified solution

Adobe offers forms-based solutions for IBM, Documentum, and FileNet ECM systems.

Adobe also offers solutions to streamline collaborative processes. By integrating ECM systems with Adobe® Acrobat® software and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), organizations gain a robust set of capabilities that increase productivity, reduce risk, and enable more effective regulatory compliance. Adobe offers joint collaborative review solutions with Documentum and Open Text.

Featured partners


Learn how Adobe forms solutions integrate with IBM Content Manager to provide a common work environment and easy-to-use tools for content management and forms processing across the enterprise.


Discover how to develop and deploy automated intelligent forms-based processes within the Documentum ECM platform for highly regulated industries such as life sciences, financial services, and government.

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Integrated forms solutions for ECM systems based on Adobe LiveCycle Forms

Extend the value of your IBM, Documentum, or FileNet ECM investment using intelligent documents.

Adobe LiveCycle Forms IBM solution brief (PDF: 1.1M)

Learn how Adobe and IBM can help you enrich relationships with customers, accelerate time to market, increase workforce productivity, and respond quickly to regulatory pressures


Adobe forms and the Documentum ECM platform soluction brief (PDF: 689K)

Learn how Adobe and Documentum can help you streamline forms-based process management across the enterprise.

Adobe LiveCycle Forms for FileNet datasheet (PDF: )*

Extend business-critical information stored in FileNet repositories to improve customer service, streamline archiving, and automate document-driven processes.

Adobe Document Services

Learn about the complete line of Adobe Document Services forconnecting people inside and outside your organization with information critical to your business.

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