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IBM and Adobe enterprise content management solutions

Learn how Adobe and IBM can help you enrich relationships with customers, accelerate time to market, increase workforce productivity, and respond quickly to regulatory pressures.

Adobe Form Server for IBM solution brief (PDF: 186K)

Learn how Adobe Form Server for IBM is integrated with IBM DB2 Content Manager.

Adobe Form Server for IBM technical brief (PDF: 561K)

Adobe Form Server for IBM white paper (PDF: 127K)

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Adobe and IBM WebSphere

Find out how Adobe products can maximize IBM WebSphere application infrastructure investments for the enterprise.

Adobe Document Services server products

Discover the underlying technologies of the Intelligent Document.

Providing on-demand business solutions

The Adobe and IBM vision of on-demand business is an enterprise whose business processes — integrated end to end across the company with key partners, suppliers, and customers — respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity, or threat.

Document Services optimized for WebSphere

The Adobe® Intelligent Document Platform is optimized for IBM WebSphere. This translates to superior performance for organizations running Adobe Intelligent Document Platform solutions on the IBM WebSphere Application Server. In addition, the joint solution includes the tools and resources to help organizations develop, deploy, and integrate forms-based processes into their WebSphere infrastructure. The Adobe Intelligent Document Platform is Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) compliant and offers full compatibility with the WebSphere development environment. The combination of Adobe Intelligent Document solutions and WebSphere's highly robust and scalable platform gives organizations even more opportunities to maximize their return on application infrastructure investments.

Running the Intelligent Document Platform on WebSphere provides many competitive advantages, including:

  • Faster decision-making and better business visibility. By automating Web-based form workflows and accelerating access to business-critical information, organizations can streamline e-business processes and improve integration across business systems.
  • Increased customer responsiveness, customer value, and brand loyalty with new Web-based services and customer self-service options.
  • Reduced overhead costs and accelerated time to value with simplified form design and a reduced need for expensive, time-consuming Java development.
  • Highly secure information exchange inside and outside the firewall with a dual system- and document-level security model.
  • Easier, lower-cost regulatory and process compliance.
  • Enhanced availability of critical forms-based processes by running Adobe Document Services on the highly scalable and reliable IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Enterprise content management solution

Customers can improve operational efficiency as they extend the value of their IBM DB2 Content Manager platform with Adobe Form Server for IBM®, an integrated enterprise content management and forms solution. Bridging forms-based processes with core enterprise systems becomes simpler, more flexible, and more cost-effective than ever. Adobe Form Server for IBM connects Adobe's industry-leading electronic form capabilities to the IBM DB2 portfolio, allowing organizations to create, manage, and process forms within the IBM Content Manager environment.

Adobe Document Services and IBM WebSphere: Adding value with industry solutions

Adobe Document Services empower organizations to communicate more effectively with employees, customers, suppliers, and constituents. With Intelligent Documents, organizations in any industry can automate document-based processes, share information more securely, and integrate and easily exchange data and information with people and core systems.

By integrating Adobe Document Services within the WebSphere software environment, financial services and insurance companies can transform one-way business processes into interactive ones, helping to increase revenue, satisfy customers, enhance security, and ensure regulatory compliance — all while reducing operational costs. State, local, and federal governments can use the joint solution to meet e-government mandates such as cost-effective self-service, paper elimination, and equal access by more efficiently and securely delivering services to and interacting with citizens, employees, and businesses.

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