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Extend the reach of your SAP system with Interactive Forms based on Adobe software

SAP AG and Adobe have created an Intelligent Document solution that enables organizations to easily and quickly extend core systems to thousands of users both inside and outside the firewall.

SAP AG and Adobe share a common vision: to automate and streamline the paper-based communications that companies rely on. By integrating Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) capabilities into current versions of all SAP applications, Interactive Forms based on Adobe software enable enterprises to generate easy-to-use interactive forms and templates that extend SAP systems to customers, partners, and suppliers.

For example, financial services providers can easily create interactive loan applications complete with customer names and addresses, and even include mortgage rates applicable to the customer's credit score and geographic region. Applicants complete the forms at their convenience and return them. The digital form then automatically updates the enterprise's SAP application with new information, eliminating costly and error-prone manual data entry. Interactive Forms are easy to use, accessible, and recognizable to users. As a result, you can implement forms-based processes without extensive retraining or support. Using this solution, you can:

  • Reduce total cost of SAP ownership by cutting printing, storage, and administrative expenses
  • Improve productivity by transforming time-intensive, forms-based processes into streamlined operations
  • Streamline communication and collaboration by ensuring that communication is always compelling, clear, and accurate
  • Enhance information capture using PDF files that automate processes dependent on complex, personalized documents
  • Build solid customer relationships by providing users with easy-to-use, professional documents
  • Sharpen your competitive edge by responding faster to changes in products, business processes, and marketing
  • Maintain and protect document integrity through advanced user controls and document security

Streamline processes using intelligent documents

An Intelligent Document is an electronic form or template that combines the presentation qualities of static documents with built-in business intelligence that enables interaction with enterprise applications. With this flexibility, businesses can create any kind of Intelligent Document for use in business processes, from static government forms with mandated layouts to complex interactive forms that require collaboration among multiple parties. Intelligent Documents can help you:

  • Streamline processes by automatically populating forms with information from core systems
  • Improve customer satisfaction using embedded calculations and forms validation
  • Create compliant, portable, easily archived records of every transaction

Take control of your forms-based processes

With Interactive Forms, you now can embed business processes into data-rich, interactive documents that accurately mirror the paper forms they represent. You can easily extend your business processes to any user equipped with the Adobe Reader®, enabling users to easily complete complex forms online or offline and then return the data to an SAP application. Using this new solution, you can:

  • Create a custom template to format SAP data as an interactive or static form deliverable in multiple output formats
  • Design forms and documents with precision to achieve user-friendly or regulatory-compliant formatting
  • Include data validations and calculations, plus variable content tuned specifically to end-user needs, location, or requirements
  • Activate key end-user functions, such as the ability to comment on or digitally sign the form
  • Streamline processing of forms — even those completed and returned on paper

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