Create searchable PDF document archives
Search all your PDF documents at once! Use Catalog to create an index; use Search to easily find the document you need.
  Easy steps to eBooks
In the office, at the beach, standing up, or in a seat? People read eBooks everywhere—create them in FrameMaker.
Add interactivity to your PDF documents
Take the viewer deeper into the topic — but keep your PDF document short and sweet — with links that lead to sites on the Web.
Digitally sign PDF documents
Get your documents approved quickly by having reviewers digitally sign electronic versions of them.
Combine several documents into a single PDF file
Gather Adobe PDF documents from different sources and assemble them into one compact file.
Reflow the contents of Adobe PDF documents
Create a tagged Adobe PDF file that reflows to fit any viewing device.
Creating a form field
Using an existing Adobe PDF form, we'll create a form field that formats, validates, and calculates data.
Add, view, and exchange comments
Speed up the document review process by making comments directly on the Adobe PDF file, and then gather and summarise comments from other reviewers.
Annotate your PDF files with custom stamps
Create a custom stamp and use it to personalise your Adobe PDF files.
  PDF and graphics strategies
When you're publishing a PDF document, size matters. Learn how to optimise graphics in PDF to keep file size to a minimum.