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Combine several documents into a single PDF file page: 1 2
Adobe® Acrobat® makes it easy to combine PDF documents from a variety of sources into one compact file. People in different departments — even different locations — can collaborate on the project. Just ask them to turn their work over to you in Adobe PDF format. You can quickly assemble the files into one document, ready for distribution.
Open all the component Adobe PDF files.
Open the PDF files you want to combine and choose Window > Tile > Vertically. This allows you to see all the documents on your computer screen.
Bring all the pages into one file.
In the navigation pane of each file, click the Thumbnails palette tab. The navigation pane expands, and you can see thumbnails of the pages, displayed in order. Drag a thumbnail from one document into another. As you insert the page, all subsequent pages in the target file are renumbered.
In addition to inserting content, thumbnails are a great way to reorganize a document. Just drag a thumbnail to a different location, and Adobe Acrobat renumbers the pages automatically.
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