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To accommodate readers with limited desktop space, you can provide them with Adobe PDF documents that can be reflowed into any sized Adobe® Acrobat® window. In a reflowed document, text remains at its original size even when the window size changes, so that it's easier to view. In contrast, images reduce in size to accommodate a smaller window size, so that they can be viewed at a glance.
In the steps that follow, you'll learn how to create a reflowable Adobe PDF document from a Microsoft® Office 2000 for Windows® document.
Set options for converting your document to Adobe PDF.
In the Microsoft Office 2000 for Windows application, open your document. Choose Acrobat > Change Conversion Settings. Click the Office tab. Make sure that the Embed Tags in PDF option is selected and the Page Labels option is deselected. These options allow you to create an Adobe PDF document that contains underlying structural information called tags, which make the document reflowable.
If you don't see the Acrobat menu, you may need to reinstall Acrobat 5.0, so that the Adobe PDFMaker 5.0 plug-in is properly installed in your Microsoft Office application.
Convert your document to tagged Adobe PDF.
If you've made any changes to the contents of your document, save it. Click the Convert to Adobe PDF button on the toolbar, or choose Acrobat > Convert to Adobe PDF. Enter a filename, select PDF files as the file type, and click Save.
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