Woodwing Experience Lisbon

Adobe and WoodWing

Thursday, September 24 - London

Thursday, October 15 - London

Early 2015, Adobe announced the successor to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, in this exclusive session, you will learn more about the update to Adobe DPS. The all new revolutionized version is built from the ground up. News stories were delivered to readers in a continuous publishing model. The new version of Adobe DPS features a modern app experience that works very well on a mobile phone, tablet as well as in a desktop environment.

Whether you're a journalist, creative designer, editorial manager, blogger or marketer, WoodWing Inception is the professional way to create digital content that looks great on any device. Using an intuitive online editor, you can focus on what matters most – your stories and how you tell them. Inception produces responsive HTML5 based on customizable templates. Now you can publish instantly to DPS, Facebook instant articles, Apple news, a Web CMS and more.

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