Talk is cheap. And measurable, and easy to set up.

Talk is cheap. And measurable, and easy to set up.

What is Adobe Experience Manager Communities?

It’s an Experience Manager capability that helps you to create online community experiences, including forums, user groups, learning resources, and other social features that are valuable to customers, employees and your brand.

Connect with your customers.

As you learn more about your communities, integrate that insight with your other marketing data to drive value and loyalty.

Create and customize communities.

Don’t wait around for IT to create your forum or board. Get started now. And as it grows and evolves, easily make changes as needed.

See what Experience Manager Communities can do.


Create branded communities
Easily create and customize web communities that match your brand using wizards and other user-friendly interfaces.
Engage users
Encourage interaction with your customers and employees through the use of forums, blogs, ratings and more.
Enablement and teaching
Help your customers and partners with learning resources, assignments, and social knowledge sharing.
Analytics and measurement
Measure and optimize engagement using community content analytics and recommendations.

Experience Manager is powerful.

It’s even more powerful with Managed Services.

With Adobe as your single partner for hosting and support, you’ll get the help you need, with the security you require, and the flexibility you want — without the infrastructure and personnel costs of going outside Adobe to get it.

Keeping the pulse of online communities.

The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta uses Experience Manager to keeps its membership tightly knit through an online forum built for sharing ideas and community events.
“The flexibility to deliver more personalized content with Adobe Experience Manager is highly attractive to us.”
— Rachel Champagne, manager of communications, CARNA