Adobe Analytics Premium: Complete

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It’s our fully loaded analytics solution. We’re talking bells and whistles. It uses 360-degree customer views, powerful predictive models, and algorithmic cross-channel attribution to help you get the most out of digital marketing. Use Adobe Analytics Premium Complete to make data-driven and customer-focused marketing decisions.
Predictive Intelligence
Predictive Intelligence
Go beyond what your customers did yesterday, or last week, and start making decisions on what your customers are doing now — and what they’ll do tomorrow. Use advanced analytics to know what impacts your business, and make decisions based on what you know your future customers and opportunities will be.
360-degree customer analysis
360-degree customer analysis
There’s a lot more you can learn about your customers besides what they do on your website. Build your customer profiles with online and offline information to better understand who they are and how you can present each one with a more personalized experience.
Cross-channel attribution
Cross-channel attribution
Understand how your paid, owned, and earned media drive your business. Use algorithmic attribution to determine the impact of each marketing touch and how your customers move from prospect to loyal customer.

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Algorithmic attribution
Algorithmic attribution uses advanced statistics and machine learning to determine the amount of impact of each experience — leading to an understanding of marketing campaign effectiveness.
Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud
Integrate predictive intelligence data and insights directly into your use of Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Adobe Social.
Customer attributes
Combine customer attribute data with behavioral data to create more dynamic segments and insights through a richer understanding of your customers.

Audience clustering
Intelligently categorize individuals into personas based on similarities in product preference, geo-demographics, and behavioral attributes.
Customer journey optimization
Analyze all of the places you interact with customers to improve service, find cross-sell opportunities, and present more consistent customer experiences.
Live Stream
See what’s happening right now with your site visitors through a real-time events fire hose visualization.
Contribution analysis
Intelligently identifies potential causes for anomalies and significant changes in trended data.
Propensity scoring
Predict which customers are most likely to convert, churn, or respond and target them appropriately and efficiently.

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