Adobe Analytics Standard

Data tells your business’s story.
And helps you make customers the hero.

Adobe Analytics is an analytics solution within the Adobe Marketing Cloud that helps you understand your customers, find hidden opportunities, and identify issues — all with real-time, multichannel data. Integrate Analytics with your Marketing Cloud and other digital marketing functions to bring data insight to every business goal and customer interaction.
Predictive Intelligence
Improve customer experience
By basing your decisions on data and facts, you’ll know — rather than guess — how your most valuable customers engage with you and how to find more people like them.
360-degree customer analysis
See all of your data together
Bring your different marketing channels together in real time to see the story they tell collectively and the pictures they paint about your customers.
Cross-channel attribution
Keep everyone informed
Use the simple sharing and sending abilities to keep your team, department, or organization up to date on the insights that matter to your goals and needs.

See what Adobe Analytics can do.

Reports and dashboards
Organize and visualize any data in dashboards and detailed reports. Share dashboards and reports through email and mobile.
Ad hoc analysis
Ask any question at any time. Drill deep into your data in real time to find unique customer insights, associations, and opportunities.
Analysis workspace
Combine dimensions, metrics, segments, and date ranges in any combination, with unlimited breakdowns and comparisons.

Identify new and high-value segments through unlimited dimensional breakdowns and segment comparisons.
Real-time automation
Don’t just analyze data. Act on it with automated real-time and rules-based decision-making tools.
Customer retention
Analyze how your customers interact with your properties and better understand the drivers behind customer churn.

Learn how to solve business problems.

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