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Amy Guip
This image, created for the last instalment of Caleb Carr's story for Time magazine, depicts the idea of deception, because the text is about people producing false evidence to change the world's view of history. "The woman is looking both ways in a mirror, not knowing if she sees herself or an ape. She has a feeling of being perplexed, not sure," Guip says.

Guip built the set and took multiple photographs of the woman in front of the mirror: They included shots of her wearing a gorilla suit and a long exposure as she turned her head slowly. "I wasn't happy with the shot of the head moving, so I grabbed a head from one shot and feathered and merged it with a head from another one," she says. In addition to compositing multiple images for the final effect, Guip used Photoshop to enhance colours, add highlights, and blur and soften edges to create dimension and depth.