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Amy Guip
Another illustration for Sony Style's Web Adventure column, this was Guip's first and only experience using a digital camera. Although she appreciated the ability to preview shots instantly on-screen, she didn't like the quality of the images that the camera captured. "Every so often there's an off-colour pixel," she says, "so if you shift your hues a lot, which I do, the difference is pronounced for the off pixel. Especially with flesh tones, it created weird saturated colours for some edges."

The image illustrates the topic of navigating and exploring the World Wide Web, so the twins are holding a map with web-like scalloped edges, and they're on the moon "because you're out there in space on the Net," Guip says.

Guip photographed one woman holding a map, helmet, and backpack that she fashioned herself. She added the pants (a photograph of metal tubing), the web graphic on the map, and the background in Photoshop. She also used Photoshop to mirror the woman to create the perfectly symmetrical Siamese-twin effect. Why? "Because they let me."