Whether your goal is to streamline the distribution process of Adobe Shockwave Player on your intranet, or deliver the Adobe Shockwave Player with your fixed media product, Macromedia provides licensing options to fit your needs.

Licensing Options


To download Adobe Shockwave Player for individual use you do not need a distribution license.

Corporate or Educational Intranet

Distribute Macromedia Flash Player or Adobe Shockwave Player on your closed intranet environment

Fixed Media

License Macromedia Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave Player for delivery with fixed media such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs or software applications.


Tool vendors can license the w3d SDK and create an exporter from any 3D file format to the Director and Shockwave-compatible format. The w3d format can be imported into Director, combined with any other media type supported by Director, then published to the web via Adobe Shockwave Player.

Resources for Licensees

Strategies for distributing your Adobe Shockwave Player and Macromedia Flash Player

Already licensed Macromedia Flash or Adobe Shockwave Players? Read these technical suggestions and distribution strategies.

Shockwave and Flash Player Distribution FAQ

Logo & Trademark Usage

Review the "Macromedia Flash Enabled" logos and guidelines for trademark usage for Macromedia Flash Player source code and Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format licensees.